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Downsizing & Decorating Taste You Can Count On

Hey there, I’m Nancy — Your New BSF (Best Style Friend — in case you forgot).

You want and need help to navigate the downsizing process . . . like yesterday, or last year. Am I right? You’ve been thinking about it forever and you know this mess won’t clean itself up. Agreed.

Here’s what I can tell you. Hope is not a strategy. Really, it’s not.

I’ll work with you to simplify, sketch out and style your  home . . . one step at a time – with less stress, more confidence, no costly mishaps . . . and more fun!

Fifteen years ago, I was flooded with negative emotions about having to downsize my home due to a marital separation that led to a divorce as they often do (not good) and a life threatening illness (that was way worse — no kidding). You might relate.

It wasn’t until I had moved into a smaller home with my three young children that I experienced a major “ah-ha” moment. I found the shedding of unnecessary “things” in my home and life SO freeing! I couldn’t have believed that downsizing my life and home could bring in so much style, confidence and good times. Now, I have a passion to guide others through making their downsized home, well, downright stylish!

With every property I’ve bought, renovated, rented, resided in and resold, I’ve used my specialized system to yield high style in typically, smaller spaces. You too can live your best new life in your downsized space!

I’ve spent the last 15+ years transforming houses from unappealing and unappreciated properties, to stylish homes that sell for thousands of dollars over asking price. Now I want to bring this system to your home and help create the look and feel that YOU want to see in your digs. Join me for your incredible journey!

It’s your move! It’s your turn! It’s your time!

Stylishly yours,

Nancy, Your Professional Home Organizer & Interior Design Consultant


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