If you’re like most of us, thinking of new and creative ways to construct your day can feel daunting. Style is most likely not on your mind — whether thinking of how you dress yourself on any given day or how you “dress” your home. Never before have we been in a situation where the structure of our days has been more virtual and the entire scene can put a major damper on our outlook.

I know you’re probably thinking “what’s style? I haven’t been feeling the need to style anything since being at home for close to two months.”

I get it.

But think back to three months ago we would have killed for a few days of unconstructed time. Be careful what you wish for, right?

Here are a few of the survival skills I’ve needed to pass the time, attempt to feel my best and tackle those long put off to-do’s that would feel so good to have D-O-N-E!

  1. Up my athleisure wear game. I’m not advising we go crazy with an entire new wardrobe of sweat suits — but I’ve found that having a couple other go-tos in addition to my 7 pairs of black leggings might help. I’m happy to say — it has. Every three days I put my jeans on to make sure they fit and that gives me at least one good day of eating healthy . . . ah every three days. It’s a start people. 
  2. Read. If any good has come from binge watching television, it’s brought my attention to some great reads. My Brilliant Friend, Little Fires Everywhere among others are on my nightstand and reading list. A nightstand always looks more stylish when a book is resting on it when you’re not reading it too.
  3. Look around then get into action. There is always something to do, right? That room that needs to be painted, the picture that has never stayed straight on the wall, the loose photos that need to be sorted, the crochet blanket you want to make. We have so many things that could use our focus and attention. Start cracking and work at “doing” something to improve your surroundings now.
  4. Learn something new. The plethora of information online at this time is immense. Whether you want to do the research to find out what you want to study up on — or find the online course you can enroll in to  help you cut through the clutter and get to work — have at it. There are so many great classes — we have little to no excuse not to take advantage of the knowledge and experience that’s out there.

Style begets style. You get a little — you want more. It’s like potato chips . . . or ice cream depending on your vice. Do it for yourself and who knows, it could start to rub off on others. I’m hoping at the end of this pandemic we’ll be ready, willing and able to get our style one.


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