Just one wrong decision could cost you thousands of dollars when Styling your home.

It can be difficult when you go it alone in downsizing and decorating your home. I get it.

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You are all excited about the possibility of creating the space you love living in, but you want to get there without making costly mistakes in the process. You want to be 100% sure you’ve made the right purchases, chosen the best layout, picked the best color palette, texture and patterns for your home.

Yes. You. Do!

You’re reading decorating magazines and spent hours on Instagram and Pinterest to make it all happen seamlessly. Ya, right. That’s led from great expectations to great exasperation. I hear you.

You get all excited researching and creating and figuring out how to bring this whole vision you have for your home to life.

And, then you hit a wall and everything stalls.

It seems like everything is taking longer than you thought it would to reach your decorating goals and be able to live in a space that you’ve created with grace and ease.

You find that you’re second guessing yourself and wish you had more direct access to an expert — someone who’s been there, done that and can guide you down the long and winding road that will lead to your home — that has your taste and the look and feel you desire in your home.

Every day you look at your long checklist filled with decisions that need to be made, things that need to be done and you’re not sure where to begin, how to do it all.

And, this means that most days you just feel overwhelmed. 

It's Super Critical That You Stay Engaged and Enjoy the Process of Creating a Home YOU Love.

Making the right decisions when decorating and styling your home will make you fall in love with your surroundings now and in the long run.

Hosting a small cocktail party, having a friend over for brunch, enjoying your children or grandchildren in your new home, coming home to a beautiful environment that reflects  who you are and what’s important in your life…

Here’s the truth: There are women just like you who already enjoy their physical surroundings allowing them to focus more on what’s important to them. Spending time with loved ones and activities in their life that bring them joy. You can have that too. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. You just need to know what to embrace, what to avoid and how to know the difference! Working with someone who can teach you these skills — allows you to become the hero of your home and can help save you from making mistakes that are expensive — financially and emotionally.

Just ONE Purchasing Mistake Could Cost You.

Here's How:

  • Buying a sofa, rug or any significant furniture piece that you don’t like and may not be able to return.
  • Choosing a paint color that looks great on the swatch but horrible on the walls.
  • Installing light fixtures and noticing that something is just “off” given the room size.
  • Taking a page out of a catalogue and buying pieces because you just aren’t sure what to purchase for that space.

These things happen. I see or hear about them every day. You can avoid the heartache and the damage control by learning my simple and effective approach to downsizing with style.

Hi, I’m Nancy Michaels, and I’ve Invested, Renovated, Redecorated Millions of Dollars in Real Estate. I’ve Consistently Resold these Homes in Record Time (As In Before the Open House) For Thousands of Dollars Over Asking Price. I’ve Downsized Seven Times in the past 15 Years and am Now Sharing Everything I’ve Learned in the Process — So You Can Benefit from the Mistakes I’ve Made Along the Way and Be Able to Avoid Them.

We all start out somewhere when we want something.

I wanted the freedom to create a life that had the space for all of the people I wanted more time for, especially time with my kids.

I wanted to wake up every day in a beautiful home and spend my day doing all the things I love to do.

I wanted to live in an area that would inspire me, challenge me, and up my game.

Hell, I’m a grown ass woman who wants a home to reflect her grown ass self. You do too, am I right? Damn right!

You worry that you’re 7 items away from having TLC call you to ask if you can be profiled on Hoarders? OK — that was an exaggeration, but you really don’t want that call to come in now, right?

You’re putting yourself on the back burner, lady, and it’s time you make a move to be up front and center (or left or right) on that stove!

I want you to picture yourself in the not too distant future and imagine this . . .

You are living in an uncluttered and organized home and it is incredibly stylish — and it’s making your sister-in-law emerald green with envy!!

Better than that — you’re loving your home.

This is why I started downsizing my living space and made a move to the city: to live a life I love, to experience new things that would elevate my learning and in the process, create a life that I could be excited and engaged in. 

 Since my first downsizing experience post-divorce and illness, I have been a real estate investor who purchased the worst house on some of the best streets. I’ve worked tirelessly in renovating, restoring, redecorating, renting and re-selling these as I began working with others to help them downsize and beautify their homes.

The method I’ll be sharing with you is proven and will walk you through the universal process of downsizing with style, grace, and ease.

I want that for you.

This retreat gives you the resources you need to rapidly generate the results you want — a stylish home and more time for you and what matters most to you.

Identify Your Style.

Prioritize Necessary Steps.

Achieve a Home Style YOU Love.

It’s Magic.

The Virtual Style Retreat offers the most condensed program we could create to get the most impactful results

in the shortest amount of time.

This program is structured to give you the plan of action you need to begin or complete your downsizing process and create the home of your dreams. Whether you’re downsizing to launch a new chapter or re-envisioning your existing one, this event will give you clarity, focus, direction, desire and resources as well as an actionable plan!

Meet Nancy Michaels

“Your Best Style Friend”

This Summer

Create, Design & Develop Your Style Plan for Your Home…and All That Can Come From Living in a Space You LOVE!

In One Weekend!

The Retreat is an intimate, hands-on, get-things-done style event. It’s for mission-driven women who want to recreate their homes into a space that reflects who they are and that they love living in.

It’s for those who are ready for real and honest feedback, support and guidance, and who recognize the value of being surrounded by others who are ALSO playing full out in creating their dream of creating a stylish and fulfilling home.

In this setting, you will be immersed in an entirely unique and effective framework for re-envisioning your home, step-by-step. Quickly. You’ll have lots of hands-on support from Nancy, who is there entirely to serve you and ensure you walk away with everything you need to achieve your goals.

In these 3 days, we will see incredible ideas born, deep friendships develop, confidence blossom, and opportunities emerge. In this room, you’ll find style and greatness – in the people around you, and in yourself.

We are here to support you, inspire you, train you, and guide you to stretch yourself, expand, reach new heights and contribute your talents translated into your living space that feels energy-rich and sustainable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This event is for mission-driven women who are ready to make a difference in the physical living space.

I will support  you by guiding through the transformational process of downsizing your home and styling your ideal living space by acting as a sounding board. I do this by first getting a greater understanding of your vision for your lifestyle at home. From there I help to devise your personalized interior aesthetic upgrading your day to day in a way that will make you feel great.

This retreat is for those of you who have been contemplating or tackling the process of cleaning up and cleaning out your home and want a stylish home that makes you proud. You have an idea as to where to begin but are feeling stuck in the process. You want your physical space to be something more that enriches you and gives you peace and pride when you walk through the front door.

It’s also for those who are ready to be supported by peers and a guided mentor, and who want to be decisive and move quickly to implement  the best plan of action.

Because the event is small and we want to make sure only the right people are in the room, we require each and every registrant to have a conversation before enrollment.

What if I’m just getting started?

This retreat was designed for women who are really motivated to downsize and style their homes fairly quickly. They are ready to engage in action now. That doesn’t mean you can’t come if you don’t meet that criteria, we just want to be extra sure we can meet your needs. That’s why EVERY participant goes through an interview process before registering, to ensure that this is a good fit, and that we can deliver on our promise to you and the outcomes you sign up for.

If you’re not sure, just book a call, and Nancy will help you decide if this is a good next move for you, no pressure, ever.

Starting your journey with us will cut your learning curve dramatically and help you make a bigger impact on your home and likely will save you a lot of time and money in the process. One mistake can cost thousands of dollars when decorating your home and we will help you avoid that.

Our commitment is to your ultimate success, that’s why we have this process in place, and that’s why we also offer a guarantee.

Why should I consider attending a live event?

There’s plenty of great information floating around on the internet, but as Nancy will remind you, it all can be “too much of what you don’t need,” or are looking for. Your life and home simply won’t transform themselves just from “knowing.” Nancy has culled through her own 15 plus years of experience in real estate, renovating, restoring and redecorating so that you won’t have to.

Sharing space and making a courageous commitment to show up for the 3-day immersion that is the cornerstone of this program is a fast track toward creating the home of your dreams.

Events like these are where missing pieces come together, decisions get made, and any self-defeating beliefs can be challenged by a mentor and a community who see you for your greatness – and will hold you accountable in a loving and firm way so things get done.

Only at a live event can you experience the magic of working intimately with Nancy and be face-to-face with others who will inspire you and call you into a greater version of yourself that will be reflected in your home and surroundings.

Can men attend?

Why of course!  While our audience tends to lean more toward women than men, we love working with men. Men are ALWAYS welcome at our events, and we appreciate what they bring to the table. Just be ready for lots of (amazing) feminine mojo!

I’m already doing well in the progress I’m making to style my home, will I still get value?

Yes — you will. Regardless of what stage of styling your home you’re in, there is always room to refine your priorities, get additional input, review new ideas and ways of accomplishing your goals – and do it all with more grace and ease. Spending three days in a room with really smart, creative people — like Nancy, her team, and the other attendees, can only help. We guarantee it.

Where is the Event Located?

This Summer — Cape Cod, Massachusetts (for me, because I live here)

As much as I would love to take you on a journey to a place by the sea — our current environment is not conducive to people travelling so I’m offering this program virtually. In other words, you can do this in the comfort of your own home — however, I suggest you dress for the occasion. Given that we’re talking about style — get your game on and show up ready to dig in and get things done.

Like it or not, my grandmother always told me to “dress for the job you want — not the one you have.” The real message was that if you felt good about yourself — you’d perform at a higher level and people would take note. Plus, it’s probably been weeks since you’ve done so (believe me I get it) — so it’s a great excuse to get your mojo on!



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